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Advocacy And Public Policy Making - 1469 Words

PAGE 1 OF 5 Advocacy and Public Policy Making HA545- Health Policy Kaplan University Introduction The purpose of this essay is to discuss Medicare Part D, as well as the influence of the various interest groups and governmental entities during this process. This essay will discuss both the policy process and the policy environment (the key players involved and other circumstances that shaped this policy-making effort), how stakeholder groups influenced the final outcome of Medicare Part D legislation, the specific strategies and tools that were used most effectively, and if the fact that Medicare Part D passed corresponds with my understanding of policy and politics. Medicare Part D, also called the Medicare prescription drug benefit, is a United States federal-government program to subsidize the costs of prescription drugs and prescription drug insurance premiums for Medicare beneficiaries in the United States. Enacted as part of the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 and went into effect on January 1, 2006 (Wikipedia, 2010). In December 2003, the Medicare Prescription Drug, Imp rovement and Modernization Act (MMA) became law. The act created the Medicare Part D drug benefit to provide drug coverage to elderly and disabled people who did not previously have it. The stand-alone prescription drug plans that are the lynchpin of the program did not previously exist. The structure of the program is clearly intended to increase the role of private plans in Medicare (TheShow MoreRelatedPublic Policy Issues: Case of Keystone and House Bill 1540689 Words   |  3 Pagesthe government. Public policy is a guide for the administrative function of the state to implement laws, regulatory measures and funding priorities that will benefit the citizenry. Generally, it is embodied within macro constitutional or legislative documents and acts, and/or judicial decisions (Schuster, 2009). In our original scenarios, we are dealing with the Keystone Pipeline and House Bill 1540 as related to public policy. Because one of the basic principles of public policy is to use government Read MoreEvidence Based Policy Making And The Influence Of Intangibles1635 Words   |  7 PagesEvidence-based Policy-making and the Influence of Intangibles ‘The $200 Million Decision’ case study provides insight into agenda setting and policy formulation. It highlights the place of the social construction of issues and policy windows in agenda setting. Also, the case study allows us to reflect upon the role of consultation, collaboration and advocacy in framing persuasive policy recommendations. The power of evidence-based policy formulation as well as the importance of other intangibleRead MorePublic Health Association Of Australia1448 Words   |  6 Pagesmonitoring the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases, via the ACIR, so as to detect any outbreak at the earliest possible and take the necessary preventive measures (communicative intervention). Policy actors in favour Probable actors in favour of resolving the issue would be the World Health Organisation, the Public Health Association of Australia, members of the Government (in particular those working in the Immunise Australia Program), and health professionals (in particular doctors). These interestRead Moreessay LD201866 Words   |  4 Pageslegislation and policies which are designed to promote the human rights,inclusion equal ife chances and citizenship of individuals with learning disabilities †¢ Disability Discrimination Act †¢ Human Rights Act †¢ Equality Act †¢ Health and Social Care Act (Regulated activities) †¢ Essential Standards †¢ Mental Capacity Act. †¢ National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990 †¢ Company policies and procedures †¢ Disability Equality Duty 2006.. 1.2 Explain how this legislation and policies influenceRead MoreNike s Responsibilities And Responsibilities1609 Words   |  7 PagesIn today’s society the public plays a major part in any business because in order for a business to be sustained there must be clients/customers that are contributing to the business. It’s vital that companies build their missions around focusing on the needs and demands of the customers. Nike is a company that is continually evolving with the people and society. Nike engages in public policy advocacy on a range of issues affecting their business, the industry and other areas of concern. They useRead MoreSocial Workers and Policy Advocacy Essay864 Words   |  4 Pagesit is important to engage in policy practice. It is a part of the profession, whether you like it or not. It is an aspect that can change the way things are done for clients in a good way or bad. If you want to be more affective in practice, advocating for policies is one way of making sure your clients receive what they deserve. Chapin (2011) talks about how as a social worker you cannot take on every social policy issue, but it is important to consider the policies that affect your client populationRead MoreWhat Makes Policy Stick?1602 Words   |  7 PagesPolitics and Public Policy October 1, 2015. QUESTION 1: WHAT MAKES POLICY STICK? A good definition of Policy is the concept of action adopted by an individual, organization, or government. Policy could come in different forms providing the nature of business. Example of policies include; Foreign policy, Immigration policy, Civil right policy, Transportation policy. Policy implementation guides and regulates actions/procedures in a business or firm. In the book â€Å"Policy regime and policy change† byRead MoreEssay On Advocacy Strategies1286 Words   |  6 PagesThe advocacy strategy must be evaluated because advocacy often only provides results partially, an advocacy team needs to measure and monitor regularly and objectively what has been accomplished and what more important to be done. Primarily, evaluation is important in terms of accountability means to examine whether a case can be made that an advocacy effort produced its intended results and also to ensure the advocacy efforts are doing what they said they would do and that the well-managed resourcesRead MoreMobile For Youth Legal Services1452 Words   |  6 PagesAn interview was conducted with Miss Kessler a legal advocate who has worked at Mobile for Youth Legal Services for over five years. Mobile for Youth (MFY) legal services is an independent non-for-profit organization that provides free legal and advocacy services to the underserved population in New York City who cannot afford an attorney. MFY maintains a robust practice on a wide range of civil legal issues such as housing, disability rights, employment and health care benefits, among others. MFYRead MoreHow Did Structural Concepts Influence The Use Of Advocacy And Inquiry?1632 Words   |  7 Pagesand services of KCLS was in full swing, but there were still many organizational issues dealing with advocacy, encouraging public service motivation, and both human resource and structural problems. Explain the use of advocacy inquiry, or lack thereof that occurred throughout the case. How did structural concepts influence the use of advocacy and inquiry? Bolman and Deal (2013) define advocacy as including statements that communicate what an individual actually thinks, knows, wants or feels

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Reconstruction Plan - 1116 Words

The Civil War, one of the most brutal and bloody wars in US History ended in 1865, and left the country in ruin. Abraham Lincoln, the president of the U.S at the time came up with the plan to re-build the country after the war. He called it Reconstruction Plan. The Reconstruction Plan was put to use right after the war in 1865 and ended in 1877. Within the Reconstruction Plan, Lincoln offered a model for reinstatement of Southern states called the 10 percent Reconstruction plan. And also, during reconstruction period, we witnessed the emerged of Black Code which created the Fourteen and Fifteen Amendments and followed up by the 1876 election and Southern Segregation. In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln began preparing his plan for†¦show more content†¦Tilden received 184 electoral votes of the 185 needed to become president. Hayes only received 165 votes and lost the popular vote by approximately 300,000 votes. Samuel J. Tilden of New York outpolled Ohios Rutherford B. Hayes in the popular vote, with 20 votes uncounted. However, the election results were disputed because of confusing ballots in South Carolina, Louisiana, and Florida. Under normal procedure, disputed votes would be recounted in front of Congress by the president of the Senate. The result was the Compromise of 1877, in which Democrats agreed to let Hayes become president in exchange for a complete withdrawal of federal troops from the South. Republicans agreed, and shortly after Hayes was sworn in as president, he ordered the remaining federal troops to vacate South Carolina and Louisiana. After the end of Reconstruction, which followed from the Compromise of 1877, the new Democratic governments in the South instituted state laws to separate black and white racial groups. From holding political offices, the right to vote, and participating as equal members of society was changed. For example in voting a grandfather clause was introduced. The only people who could vote were those who either passed a literacy test or whose grandfather had voted. The latter exemption excluded blacks from voting, as their grandfathers had of course not been allowed to vote. The Black peopleShow MoreRelated Three Plans For Reconstruction Essay1043 Words   |  5 Pages Analysis of the Three Plans for Reconstruction The American Civil War, lasting from 1861-1865, was the most severe military conflict the country had seen; it involved the United States of America (the Union), and eleven secessionist Southern states (the Confederate States of America). The war was the upshot of decades worth of political, social, and economic conflict between the agricultural South, which produced mainly cash crops such as cotton, tobacco, and sugarcane, and the industrialRead MoreReconstruction : Johnson s Plans And His Battles With Congress1576 Words   |  7 Pages Reconstruction Johnson’s Plans and His Battles With Congress: Republican Abraham Lincoln chose Democratic Senator from Tennessee, in 1864, to be his vice presidential candidate. Abraham Lincoln was on the lookout for Southern support. He was hoping that choosing Johnson, would appeal the Southerners who never planned on leaving the union. Johnson also grew up in poverty. He hadn’t learned to write until he was around 20yrs old. He rose up to political power as a â€Å"backer† of a small farmer. InRead MoreThe Reconstruction Plan For The United States1918 Words   |  8 PagesSean Gao AP US History Mr. Gold Due: September 8th, 2015 The Reconstruction Plan As the Civil War rages on, the question remains, what is next for the United States of America after the North wins? How do we address all the issues for which we went to war for? How do we deal with the people who tried to split our great country into two? Unifying the United States is not going to be an easy task, as the rift between North and the South is enormous, and many differences exist between the two factionsRead MoreEssay on My Own Reconstruction Plan after the Civil War867 Words   |  4 PagesNorth won, a bigger battle still had to take place; reconstruction. Reconstruction after the war was not going to be easy, and it was not. What was the primary goal? What should be done to ex-confederates? Free Blacks? How should this reconstruction take place? Many of these questions were solved by the government, but how well? Reconstruction could have gone very differently, and that is what I intend to show. I will develop my own reconstruction policy for the United States after the American CivilRead MoreBreast Reconstruction Procedures For Women1221 Words   |  5 PagesBrickell neighborhood. He performs breast reconstruction procedures for women who have had a mastectomy. With breast reconstruction surgery, Dr. G can provide women with natural-looking, shapely breasts. Types of Breast Reconstruction Procedures Available Near Brickell For some patients, reconstruction can begin during their mastectomy. Other patients may choose to have their breast reconstruction at some point after their mastectomy. Typically, breast reconstruction surgery involves several surgical sessionsRead MoreThe Psychosocial Effects Of Breast Cancer1506 Words   |  7 Pagesfor women who have had mastectomy secondary to breast cancer is to receive a breast reconstruction.2 On top of a common but devastating diagnosis of breast cancer with fears of facing months of chemotherapy and radiation, most women also make the decision to beat the cancer with a mastectomy and reconstruction. The topic I am choosing for my literature review is the psychosocial effects after breast reconstruction in women who have chosen mastectomy as an intervention for breast cancer. I have alwaysRead MoreThe Underlying Methods Of Paramilitary Operations Used By White Redeemers897 Words   |  4 Pages1890s. Secretive attacks on freedmen, carpetbaggers, and other Republicans were an effective way in which to discourage the Reconstruction reforms through the federal government. In essence, the violent methods of paramilitary operations by white Redeemers were the primary method of reconstituting Democratic power in the South in the post-Civil War era. During the reconstruction era, the use of paramilitary operations by white Redeemers was an important tool in removing freedmen, carpetbaggers, andRead More The Failure of the Post Civil War Reconstruction Period in America674 Words   |  3 Pages After the North won the civil war, it was time to rebuild this nation. This period of reconstruction was supposed to have a profound change on society. Unfortunately this was not the case. Reconstruction did not fundamentally alter this nation. Not to say that nothing happened, but nothing that really made a change or difference happened. First, the control of the south was given right back to the planter elite. Also, even though slavery was abolished; blacks were not free. FinallyRead MoreWho Should Consider With Gummy Bear Breast Implants1246 Words   |  5 Pagesscheduling your initial consultation with Dr. Naidu at her office near Queens: She will ask questions related to your medical history, current health status and medication usage as well as why you would like to have breast enhancement surgery. If you do plan on becoming pregnant or breastfeeding at any point in the future, please inform Dr. Naidu of this desire. She will explain how these actions will affect the results of your breast enhancement procedure. Dr. Naidu will want to examine your breasts:Read MoreBusiness Plan For An Upscale Bowling Lounge Essay1280 Words   |  6 Pagesbusiness can generate more revenue. 2. The cost is comparably low for adding kid-friendly area, it needs $200K-300K investment, which is lower than another new business idea, building an upscale bowling lounge. And this option only needs little reconstruction, there is no significant remodel cost. Also, the maintenance cost is kind of low because the kid-friendly facilities will face low chance of damage. 3. Parents are usually willing to spend more money on their children for entertainment, data shown

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Government-operated Gambling Free Essays

Over the past few years, government operated gambling has grown into a massive business, there has been much controversy around the topic of weather or not Gambling should be regulated. In this essay I will explain my point of view on this topic and give examples that support my ideas. So, what should the state’s policy towards gambling? I believe that the state should not regulate gambling because of three main reasons. We will write a custom essay sample on Government-operated Gambling or any similar topic only for you Order Now My first reason is people’s rights and freedoms. Second, Gambling has grown into a major industry over the pas few years; the centre for addiction and mental health stated in their Gambling Policy framework in 2011 â€Å"Government-operated gambling has steadily expanded in Ontario in the past two decades, revenues reaching $4. 7 billion in 2009. † (2). This shows that Gambling has grown to become a major industry in today’s economy and by doing so it has helped society in several different aspects, the growth of the gambling industry has lead to an increase in revenue for the government, thus resulting in more social benefits towards the public. Finally, The gambling industry has lead to many job opportunities in north America, offering a beacon of hope to those in need of jobs during a recession. In modern society, freedom is not only supported but also cherished, people should be given the freedom to live their lives as they please, weather they choose to live their lives in a healthy way or not that is up to them. However, they must be given the right to live as they please. In the United States, groups such as the KKK are protected under the first amendment, which protects their freedom of speech, no matter how ludicrous it may be, they have the right to say as they please. The same should be applied to life. People should have the choice to live their lives as they please without being watched over by the government. Since gambling does require participants to be of legal age, we know that the people gambling are adults. These grown ups should be able to have control over their own lives, its their responsibility to understand the chances they are taking when gambling. Some may argue that certain people can’t control their gambling problems and have gotten too addicted to gambling and that casinos take advantage of these people. These claims are supported by some statistics given in the centre for addiction and mental health, which states, â€Å"it is estimated that between 30% and 40% of Ontario’s gambling revenues come from the 3% of the population with gambling problems† (2). This statistic shows that the gambling industry does heavily depend of the people addicted to the game. I would respond by expressing two points. First, the people with gambling problems of which they cannot control are a minority, in Jonathan Wolff’s â€Å"Ethics and public policy A Philosophical inquiry†, the author states that â€Å"between 0. and 0. 8 of the UK adult population could be classified as problem gambles† (59). Furthermore, in the centre for addiction and mental health’s Gambling Policy framework in 2011 that â€Å"just over 3% of the province’s population experiences moderate to severe gambling problems. †(57). These numbers do not justify having to discipline a n entire industry that would affect hundreds of thousands of people that work in it and making their living off jobs in that industry. Second, increasing government regulations on casinos and lotteries will not stop these problem gamblers from gambling. Jonathan Wolff states â€Å"in the late 1950s there were towns about 25 percent of the adult population gambled illegally on a regular basis. †(55). Taking this point into perspective, it could be inferred that if the government increases the regulations on legal casinos and lotteries that would make it harder for people with an addiction to gamble, these people will find other ways to feed their addiction. This is a severe problem because when these people begin to gamble illegally they will put their money into other illegal activities, which could include drugs, weapons or violence. In fact, many large gangs could use this opportunity to fund their illegal activities, which would lead to more trouble in society; another point to be made towards this issue would be that of money, not only would these gamblers be putting their lives at risk when gambling illegally and dealing with gangs, but they could also be keeping this money out of the government’s hand which could go government programs to help the less fortunate. This brings me to my next point and that is that gambling has become a major source of revenue for the government. Government regulated gambling has grown into a massive industry which generates a significant amount of revenue each year of which most ends up in the government as funding for many different organizations. in the paper named â€Å"Gambling: Its Pleasure and costs† by Lorne Tepperman it states that â€Å"The industry group’s report †¦ says 57 per cent of gambling revenue – $8. 7 billion- supported government services and charities. (9). Tepperman also states that gambling is the â€Å"most financially significant† (9) segment in entertainment and that it contributes â€Å"$15. 3 billion a year to the economy, according to the Canadian Gaming Association. † (9). Ronald Pavalko also states in his paper titled â€Å"gambling and public policy† â€Å"State revenues from casino taxes totaled nearly $3. 5 billion. † (336). The reality is that today, we are in a recession we can’t afford to decrease that revenue by implementing harsh restrictions on gambling. It is argued that even though gambling is a major source of revenue for the government, it is also a source of misery for people with gambling addictions. The centre for Addiction and Mental health states that â€Å"For these individuals, a range of harms may occur, resulting in heavy social, economic, and health costs such as crime, dysfunctional relationships, and bankruptcy. † (2). However, the solution to this problem is not adding restrictions to gambling but is actually using the money made from gambling towards a better cause. As I have previously stated, people addicted to gambling will not be cured from their addiction by regulating legal gambling because they will find other means to feed their addiction. I believe that the best solution to these people’s gambling problem would be using the revenue that they generate for the government in taxes could be used to create social programs for people with serious addictions to gambling that would help them quit. I believe this solution would be ideal because the minority of people with gambling addictions will be treated in a proper healthy way in order to get over their addiction, the left over revenue could still be used in other social programs and finally, the money and profit that the casinos and lotteries generate will still flow which would result in more jobs, another source of income to the economy and would prevent people from getting fired from their jobs if harsh restrictions were to be applied to gambling agencies. My final argument for this essay is that of employment. As previously stated, gambling generates a huge amount of revenue for the government, Gambling is a growing industry and with its growth it creates several opportunities for jobs for people in need. Gambling generates many jobs that help the economy grow in this time of need. Gambling generates jobs of all sorts, from the engineers and architects that build and design the casinos, to the people who sell lottery tickets, to those who actually work in casinos. All of these people generate their income because of the gambling industry. Tepperman states that in Canada gambling accounts for â€Å"267,000 full time jobs. † (6). Pavalko also states in his paper that in only eleven states a total of 370,207 people are employed in casinos, In a country with a current unemployment rate of 8%, the Gambling industry should be seen as a source for solutions to a much more serious problem than an addiction to gambling. Expanding the gambling industry will in return create more job opportunities and help decrease the unemployment rate dramatically. However, if the government begins to set harsher policies towards gambling and casinos are required to cut costs, the unemployment rate might increase which would create even more social issue, which could result in protests and riots from the workers who have lost their jobs due to the harsh policy towards gambling. Some might argue that Gambling still creates harm towards many people and even though it can create jobs it can also result in many people losing their jobs. I would respond by quoting Lorne Tepperman â€Å"A majority of adults gamble responsible; only a small minority of the population experiences gambling related harm. (1). I believe that gambling will create more jobs that it will end and that that is just a minor side effect that could be easily cured by the revenue that gambling will generate for the government, this money could be put back into society and produce new projects that create new job opportunities and these jobs could be offered to those who had lost their previous jobs. In conclusion I would say that I do not believe that the government should regulate gambling because of the reasons that I have stated earlier in this essay. First, Gambling is a choice and freedom. It a civil right and the government should not be able to decide weather or not you are allowed to gamble or how much you are allowed to gamble. Second, Gambling has grown into a major industry and has become a major source of revenue to the government. Gambling has helped fund many government programs used to help the less fortunate, even though gambling does create certain people who are addicted to it, they are nowhere near as many as the people whom gambling helps. In this situation the pros drastically outweigh the cons and as previously stated, the revenue generated from gambling could go towards social programs made to help people with gambling addictions, that way these people will eventually cure themselves of their addiction and the hundreds of thousands of people whom depend on gambling a source of income would not be affected, which is what I believe is a win-win situation. This brings me to my final argument, employment. The gambling industry has created hundreds of thousands of job opportunities to many of those who need it, especially in a recession where millions struggle to find an income support for them and their families. I would say that the government should encourage gambling businesses to grow. However, as Christiane Pouline states in his paper titled â€Å"Gambling† that â€Å"Decisions on policy pertaining to gambling need to be based on a full accounting of the health, economic and social benefits and costs of gambling. (1208). Which is why the policy towards gambling should be set to help both the gambler and the Casinos. That policy should state that a majority of the profit that is generated from Casinos should go towards social programs that will benefit society; these social programs should include programs made to help gambling addicts with their problems. James Doughney perfectly sums up this policy in his book titled â€Å"The poker machine state†. Doughney says, â€Å"Try to do good; but even when you cannot at least do not knowingly cause harm. † (1). Over the past several years, gambling has grown into the largest sector of the entertainment industry, creating the most amount of revenue to the government. Our society should be scared of this phenomenon and try to regulate it, we should actually take advantage of it and use it to help make the most the most of this opportunity by using the money made from gambling to improve our lives and the lives of those around us. How to cite Government-operated Gambling, Essay examples

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Water Crisis in UAE

Table of Contents Introduction Background Literature review Discussion and results Conclusion Recommendations References Introduction Water crisis refers to the situation where the available water within a geographical location cannot meet the needs of the population in that location. This prevalent situation has drawn attention in most countries due to its severity to humanity. Despite the fact that the earth is covered by seventy percent of water, only four percent of this water is fresh.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Water Crisis in UAE specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The rest is saline. Additionally, out of the fresh water, sixty-nine percent consists of glaciers, while the rest is available as surface or underground water. As a result, only one percent is available for direct human consumption, which is relatively less than the human demand (Jennifer, 2010). This condition necessitates many c ountries to embrace the option of underground water or desalinization to sustain the ever-increasing demand for water. Similarly, climate change considerably contributes to the worldwide water crisis. Due to global warming, the level of water loss on the earth’s surface increases especially in tropical regions. This with other factors leads to water crisis. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), water crisis is on the rise with the increase in population. With the rapid growth in population influenced by the booming economic activities within the country, the need for clean and safe water increases surpassing the supply. The country’s climate, characterized by little precipitation because of high temperatures and low humidity, contributes to the water crisis. The temperatures, which fluctuate between 400C and 200C during the year, significantly influence the long run average precipitation. The country’s precipitation levels are an estimated to be 80 mm per year (Env ironmental Agency, 2010). This situation is alarming especially in consideration to the growing population. The country has resorted to other forms of water generation such as desalinization and underground water mining to meet partially its water needs. Nevertheless, the people’s culture of water consumption is linked to the water crisis. It is estimated that an individual in UAE spends about 500 liters of water in a day, while the average consumption on a worldwide scale is approximately 250 liters per day. On this note, it is vital to ascertain the major contributor of water crisis based on the controversy of nature and humanity causes in UAE and other parts of the world. Background Water crisis is known as the scarcity of water that can support humanity, agriculture, energy generation, industries, and general usage. This phenomenon has been adverse in most nations dictating the need for the addition of the valuable resource. The continuous increase in population is one of the contributing factors. In UAE, since 1962, after the full exploitation of oil, the country continues to receive a massive population growth because of immigration.Advertising Looking for research paper on environmental studies? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This population provides the needed labor in the commercial exploitation of oil and other economic activities. With the small percentage of arable land and low precipitation in the country, it is considerably important to develop water alternatives that meet the peoples’ needs. Since the country has little amounts of surface water, it focuses on the extraction of underground water and desalinization in order to sustain the growing water demands. Similarly, the economic proceedings in the country have facilitated the appropriate means of supplying water. Regardless of the government’s efforts, there still exists a huge gap between the amount of water supp lied and its demand. Therefore, the study focuses on the factors that influence water crisis in UAE with regard to humanity and nature. In analyzing the water crisis, the study seeks to establish the role that nature and people play in contributing to the phenomenon. In this regard, conclusions will be drawn based on the major contributor, which has escalated the water crisis in UAE. This implies nature will entail factors such as the level of precipitation and availability of surface and underground water, which enhance the adversity of water crisis in the country. On the other hand, people will refer to analysis of the level of water utilization in activities such as agriculture, electricity generation, and consumption. Therefore, one can establish the major contributors to the water crisis. Literature review Ali (2010) comments that â€Å"the consumption level of water exceeds the available sources† (91) while Boberg (2005) asserts that â€Å"water is one of the resources that is scarce† (112) made an analysis of the water crisis in UAE based on the water stress in the region. Ali and Boberg clarified water stress as the imbalance that exists between the amount of water needed and the available useful water. They utilized the water stress index for the rating of water crisis. Nevertheless, they failed to take into consideration various factors like the potential sources of water such as desalinization. On the other hand, the analysis of Mehmet (2000) portrays â€Å"the severity of water crisis is attributed to industrialization which consumes and pollutes available water† (p.76) but never addresses the role of nature and people regarding water stress. According to Environmental agency-Abu Dhabi (2010), â€Å"breakthroughs in desalination technologies are responsible for the climate change in UAE† (p.101) depicts how climate change has affected UAE. While the Environmental Agency (2010) reported, â€Å"Middle East regions experie nced an annual increase of temperature from 38oC to 40oC† attributed to global warming.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Water Crisis in UAE specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In addition, the amount of water available on the surface as well as underground has declined. This implies that there are possible chances of increased severity of the water crisis. Despite the fact that other sources of water are disregarded, there are indications that the prevailing situation in UAE is due to climate change as per the Human Development Report (2006). Jain and Singh (2010) claim that â€Å"climate changes influence the level of rainfall, which contribute to water crisis.†(p.251), and Jennifer (2010) attributes that â€Å"failure to address strategic water management has been the lead cause of water crisis.†(p.185). In addition, Waterbury (1997) asserts, â€Å"with the high rate of industrializa tion, water stress has been on the rise† (p.234), concurring with them. In their reports, they discuss the various factors that contribute to water crisis such as climate change, industrialization of countries and strategic water management policies. In this case, they attribute the water crisis to emanate from the various environmentally destructive activities. While World Bank Report (2007) considers that â€Å"economic activities in the Middle East countries leads to decline in rainfall from approximately 100 mm per year to 80mm per year† (p.172). Thus, climate change affects the underground water. Considering the availability of other sources of water, none was mention concerning their impacts on water crisis. World Bank Report (2010) reveals, â€Å"Seawater desalinization is the leading source of fresh water† (p.127). Similarly, Landrais (2010) recommends, â€Å"the Middle East countries ought to go for desalinization of water to sustain the growing water d emand† (p.268). Therefore, addressing desalination activities in the Middle East countries depends on the countries’ ability to adopt the process of desalinization as a source of water. Through this process, the countries will considerably tackle the water crisis. UAE Report (2008) affirms, â€Å"The need to sustain water demands is a real challenge with the growing population† (p.305). In spite of this undertaking, there is a shortage regarding the water use leading to crisis, which arouses the debate of nature or humanity in the case. Discussion and results Initially, water crisis stimulates creativity and innovation. The impacts of water crisis in a country depict the importance attached to water. In UAE, Water, which is used for various purposes such as consumption, agriculture, energy generation, and industries, contribute to the economic growth of a country. As a result, the country embarks on countering water crisis effects to ensure economic prosperity. F or this reason, the country looks for non-conventional sources that they can exploit in order to meet the people’s demand for water.Advertising Looking for research paper on environmental studies? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Some of these sources include desalinization and reuse. In the process of desalinization, the extracted seawater is converted to fresh water in the desalinization plants. This source of water adds a significant volume of water, which is necessary for consumption and other economic activities. Additionally, since the costs of desalinization are high, the country adopts reuse procedures to supplement other sources. Secondly, with the resolution of water crisis, the country’s economy will advance since production will increase and the living conditions for the citizens will improve. These developments would sustain the need to look for a variety of water sources that counter water crisis during harsh climatic conditions. On individuals’ perspective, water crisis poses a challenge of adopting means of conserving the valuable resource. As a result, the consumption levels would be moderate. This implies that with the increase in population size, the country would be able to sustain its population in relation to water demands. Based on the prevalent water crisis in UAE, citizens have been able to appreciate the need to conserve water and utilize it appropriately. Similarly, industries have developed measures that facilitate wastewater reuse. This contributes to an increase in the total volume of water useful for similar purposes. Another crucial importance of water entails electricity generation, where water plays a key role in the country. It is possible to enhance the country’s production processes with the availability of water and its sufficient supply. This implies that the management of water crisis is significantly important to the progress of the country. Similarly, various agricultural activities, which supply the population with the necessary food or raw materials for industries, can only be successful with the availability of sufficient water. Therefore, the two activities could be undertaken simultaneously by using the wastewater from industries for irrigation purposes. In UAE, this concept has been applied comparatively well and the attempts for water management have been considered. In the search for the appropriate strategies to counter water crisis, there are a lot of demerits associated with it. Some of the crucial impacts include environmental effects during water extraction and the health of the population. Water exploitation from other sources apart from the surface and underground water involves a lot of environmental pollution. For example, water desalinization leads to environmental pollution through the waste materials released such as smoke and salt. These pollutants cause environmental degradation resulting in climate change. Climate change affects the availability of water by interfering with the precipitation level and temperatures of a region. Hence, countries would lose fresh water from the surface and underground sources. This considerably hinders other economic factors and contributes to seve re water crisis. On the analysis of the role played by nature and people, it indicates that the people have significant contribution. This is due to the uncertainty associated with nature in serving the need for water. Therefore, nature cannot be controlled. In addition, people have to adopt other varied sources of water. With the activities that people undertake, they are necessitated to look for alternative sources of fresh water to meet their needs. Some of the vital progress in countering water crisis has been desalinization and reuse. This indicates that people are the main cause of water crisis and put all their efforts to counter the effects on this perspective. As a result, the processes yield the success of engaging in water sourcing to counter the disastrous activities associated with water crisis. Another crucial demerit of water crisis entails the cost of the problem. In the process of implementing the projects for solving of water crisis, the country has spent multiple resources. Similarly, the process of addressing the problems of the water crisis has led to pollution of environment resulting in water crisis. This is because the consumption level of the UAE people is extremely high. Thus, the prevalence of water crisis has adverse effects on its major contributors who are the people. Conclusion In consideration of the effects of water crisis, most nations undertake measures to counter this vice and prevent its impacts on humanity and economic performance. At the core of the importance of clean and safe water is the consumption need. In this case, humans as well as other biodiversity are at risk of dehydration. For this reason, most nations without the adequate supply of surface water engage in considerable inputs to ensure the sustainability of sufficient water. Some of the major plans include water reuse, extraction of underground water and seawater desalinization. In UAE, the need for water supply has been constantly met through the desalinizat ion process. Despite the harmful effects such as pollution that desalinization plants have on the environment, significant volumes of water are derived through this process. The efforts employed in the process of seawater desalinization have been significant towards the realization of its sufficiency. Comparing the severity of water crisis as between the people and nature, the government of UAE has imposed regulations that ensure water preservation and its uniform distribution to all industries. Similarly, since nature plays a critical role considering that UAE is in an arid region, any precipitations that results within the year are optimally harvested to supplement other sources of water. Under the study, the world, with specification of UAE, has realized the fact that humanity contributes considerably to water crisis compared to nature. This implies, people are attributed as the main cause of water crisis. Recommendations The water crisis demands appropriate solutions considering that water is one of the vital reasons for population survival as well as the growth of economic activities. UAE, being one of the countries with high immigration rates that influence population growth, ought to address its water crisis amicably. This need has compelled the government to invest heavily in water treatment and generation. With the underground and saline water being the major sources of water, the government has invested in the extraction of clean and safe water. Regarding the underground water, the anticipation of climate change necessitates the government to counter the possible impacts of the phenomenon since most of its underground water originates from other regions. While desalinization is the largest contributor of safe and clean water, the government needs to adopt measures to counter its effects on the environment. Therefore, it needs to adopt policies that ensure that the establishment of new desalinization plants conforms to the needs of environmental conse rvation and preservation. The implementation of policies that regulate the establishment of ecologically friendly industries will facilitate the realization of this objective. Incidentally, the effects of plants on climate change would decline facilitating the continuous supply of underground water. For the growing population, there are needs to address the populations’ policies and strategic water management. To counter the rapidly growing population due to high fertility rates and immigration, the government should formulate policies and strategies that will ensure the regulation of population. This will assist in controlling the population size, and the water generated would be sufficient for the general population. On the other hand, the formulation of strategic water management would guide the country into efficient water utilization. In this regard, the country would plan on the management of the water used for consumption and prevent any wastage that may occur in the c ourse of the process. Concerning economic activities such as agriculture, energy generation, and industrial usage, the adoption of proper policies is vital in order to minimize water wastage. In addition, water could be recycled in any plant that produces wastewater and facilitate the preservation of the vital resource. In this regard, the country will be able to counter the impacts of the water crisis. References Ali, F. (2010). Development of water stress index as a tool for measurement of water stress areas. International Sustainable Development, 1(1), 551. Boberg, J. (2005). Liquid assets: how demographic changes and water management policies affect freshwater resources. Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corp. Environmental Agency. (2010). Impact, vulnerability and Adaptation in the UAE. Climate change and the UAE, 1(1), 52. Human, D. R. (2006). Reports (1990-2011) | Global Reports | HDR 2006 | Human Development Reports (HDR) | United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Human Development R eports (HDR) – United Nations Development Program (UNDP). From Jain, S., Singh, V. (2010). Water crisis. Journal of Comparative Social Welfare, 26(2), 2-3. Jennifer, k. (2010). Global water intelligence. International Issues, 42(1), 25-85. Landrais, E. (2010). School in Dubai make progress in reducing carbon emissions. Gulf News, 4, 56-156. Mehmet, O. (2000). Water balances in the eastern Mediterranean. Ottawa: International Development Research Centre. UAE.Report (2008.). Seawater desalination leads response to global water crisis | International Desalination Association | Middle East business financial news | business directory current events | AME Info., from Waterbury, J. (1997). Yes, California, there is a water crisis: observations on the UN water conference. Hanover, NH: American Universities Field Staff. World Bank Report. (2007). Making the most of security: Accounting for better water management: Results in middle East. World Bank Reports, 5(1), 146. World, Bank Report (2010). Regional Desalinization study for the Middle East. World Bank Reports, 1(1), 13. This research paper on Water Crisis in UAE was written and submitted by user Adalyn Briggs to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Free Essays on A Character Analysis Of Elizabeth Bennett

A Character Analysis of Elizabeth Bennet By: Megan Songer Throughout Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice , there are many references to the unusual character of Elizabeth Bennet ; she is seen to be an atypical female during those times. Wit , bravery , independence , and feminist views all describe a most extraordinary model for women. Pride and Prejudice is a humorous novel about the trials of marrying well in the early eighteenth century. It focuses mainly on the actions of two couples – Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy and Jane Bennet and Mr. Bingley. Elizabeth Bennet is a vibrant, headstrong young woman who is not too keen on the idea of marriage , whereas Mr. Darcy is an egotistical and proud man who improves on closer acquaintance. Mr. Bingley is Mr. Darcy’s closest confidante and is a very good man who is easily persuaded. Jane Bennet is the eldest of the Bennet daughters who is closest to Elizabeth and is also a very good-natured person. All of these characteristics play off of one another throughout the cours e of events to create many interesting situations. Jane Austen was the daughter of a minister in a small English town. Her observations about irony and hypocrisy in English society drove her to write many stories of such things especially marriage as that was a prime example of such traits. She herself never married. Elizabeth Bennet’s wit is both humorous and intelligent. There are repeated instances within the story in which she proves her cleverness and liveliness. Joel Weinsheimer believes that â€Å" Elizabeth demonstrates her intelligence by acknowledging that marriage does not always bring happiness† ( 16 ) . This would have been a big step for a woman living in a society in which the sole purpose of that particular gender was to marry well. She also had daily proof of how marriage might not bring happiness in her own parent’s relationship. She sees their shortcomings as husband and wife and sees the... Free Essays on A Character Analysis Of Elizabeth Bennett Free Essays on A Character Analysis Of Elizabeth Bennett A Character Analysis of Elizabeth Bennet By: Megan Songer Throughout Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice , there are many references to the unusual character of Elizabeth Bennet ; she is seen to be an atypical female during those times. Wit , bravery , independence , and feminist views all describe a most extraordinary model for women. Pride and Prejudice is a humorous novel about the trials of marrying well in the early eighteenth century. It focuses mainly on the actions of two couples – Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy and Jane Bennet and Mr. Bingley. Elizabeth Bennet is a vibrant, headstrong young woman who is not too keen on the idea of marriage , whereas Mr. Darcy is an egotistical and proud man who improves on closer acquaintance. Mr. Bingley is Mr. Darcy’s closest confidante and is a very good man who is easily persuaded. Jane Bennet is the eldest of the Bennet daughters who is closest to Elizabeth and is also a very good-natured person. All of these characteristics play off of one another throughout the cours e of events to create many interesting situations. Jane Austen was the daughter of a minister in a small English town. Her observations about irony and hypocrisy in English society drove her to write many stories of such things especially marriage as that was a prime example of such traits. She herself never married. Elizabeth Bennet’s wit is both humorous and intelligent. There are repeated instances within the story in which she proves her cleverness and liveliness. Joel Weinsheimer believes that â€Å" Elizabeth demonstrates her intelligence by acknowledging that marriage does not always bring happiness† ( 16 ) . This would have been a big step for a woman living in a society in which the sole purpose of that particular gender was to marry well. She also had daily proof of how marriage might not bring happiness in her own parent’s relationship. She sees their shortcomings as husband and wife and sees the...

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Womanhouse, CalArts 1970s Feminist Art Collaboration

Womanhouse, CalArts 1970s Feminist Art Collaboration Womanhouse was an art experiment that addressed the experiences of women. Twenty-one art students refurbished an abandoned house in Los Angeles and turned it into a provocative 1972 exhibit. Womanhouse received national media attention and introduced the public to the idea of Feminist Art. The students came from the new Feminist Art Program at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). They were led by Judy Chicago  and Miriam Schapiro. Paula Harper, an art historian who also taught at CalArts, suggested the idea to create a collaborative art installation in a house. The purpose was more than just to showcase womens art or art about women.   The purpose, according to Linda Nochlins bok on Miriam Schapiro, to  help women  restructure their personalities to be more consistent with their desires to be  artists and to help them build their art making out of their experiences as  women. One inspiration was Judy Chicagos discovery that a womans building had been part of the 1893 Worlds Columbian Exposition in Chicago. The building was designed by a woman architect, and many art works, including one by Mary Cassatt, were featured there. The House The abandoned house in the urban Hollywood area was condemned by the city of Los Angeles. The Womanhouse artists were able to postpone the destruction until after their project. The students devoted enormous amounts of their time in late 1971 to refurbishing the house, which had broken windows and no heat. They struggled with repairs, construction, tools, and cleaning out the rooms that would later house their art exhibits. The Art Exhibits Womanhouse was opened to the public in January and February of 1972, gaining a national audience. Each area of the house featured a different work of art.   â€Å"Bridal Staircase,† by Kathy Huberland, showed a mannequin bride on the stairs. Her long bridal train led to the kitchen and became progressively grayer and dingier along its length. One of the most famous and memorable exhibits was Judy Chicago’s â€Å"Menstruation Bathroom.† The display was a white bathroom with a shelf of feminine hygiene products in boxes and a trash can full of used feminine hygiene products, the red blood striking against the white background. Judy Chicago said that however women felt about their own menstruation would be how they felt seeing it depicted in front of them. Performance Art There were also performance art pieces at Womanhouse, initially done for an all-female audience and later opened to male audiences as well. One exploration of men’s and women’s roles featured actors playing â€Å"He† and â€Å"She,† who were visually depicted as male and female genitalia. In â€Å"Birth Trilogy,† performers crawled through a â€Å"birth canal† tunnel made of the legs of other women. The piece was compared to a Wiccan ceremony. The Womanhouse Group Dynamic The Cal-Arts students were guided by Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro to use consciousness-raising and self-examination as processes that preceded making the art. Although it was a collaborative space, there were disagreements about power and leadership within the group. Some of the students, who also had to work at their paying jobs before coming to labor at the abandoned house, thought that Womanhouse required too much of their devotion and left them no time for anything else. Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro themselves disagreed about how closely Womanhouse should be tied to the CalArts program. Judy Chicago said things were good and positive when they were at Womanhouse, but became negative once they were back on the CalArts campus, in the male-dominated art institution. Filmmaker Johanna   Demetrakas made a documentary film called Womanhouse about the feminist art event. The 1974 film includes the performance art pieces as well as reflections by the participants. The Women The two primary movers behind Womanhouse were Judy Chicago and Miriam Shapiro. Judy Chicago, who changed her name to that from Judy Gerowitz in 1970, was one of the major figures in Womanhouse. She was in California to establish a Feminist Art Program at Fresno State College. Her husband, Lloyd Hamrol, was also teaching at Cal Arts. Miriam Shapiro was in California at that time, having originally moved to California when her husband Paul Brach was appointed dean at Cal Arts. He accepted the appointment only if Shapiro would also become a faculty member.   She brought her interest in feminism to the project. A few of the other women involved included: Faith WildingBeth BachenheimerKaren LeCocqRobbin Schiff Edited and updated with content added​ by Jone Johnson Lewis.

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Answer case study questions Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Answer questions - Case Study Example The other team will be responsible for the development of Regional Information System Modules, sketched out centrally to digitize all processes of AgCredit. The project selection process should be done in-house, however the project should be selected and implemented by more competent manager as the limited technical expertise of Paul Manley will not do for project of enterprise scale. SOA is a strong case but the Manley has a personal stack involved in it as he want to be at the helm of affairs himself despite his limited capacities to run a project of enterprise scale. However he can make the case of SOA if the pilot project he has suggested to Schader is completed satisfactorily. A full scale IT Directorate with regional IT Centers is indispensable for AgCredit to launch their future business vision while automating and integrating their existing disrupted Information Systems. A team of highly professional network managers and developers is required to handle the case of an enterprise level network environment and a totally integrated software solution to address all existing issues with business process automation. The most important aspect is to resolve the issues with manning the IT Infrastructure with the principal of right man at the right place. Specially, Manley as the head of IT is a misfit for future IT vision and implementation of a highly available, scalable and efficient enterprise software